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Arcade is now open at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino shops.This arcade is  a big hit with the shooting gallery and the props. Jurrasic Park is the latest addition a MUST PLAY.Home


Also the largest operator of Arcade Games in Albuqerque New Mexico

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Amusement World: the Next Generation of games

Amusement World is an operator of all types of arcade games. We have Arcades and we place machines in various locations such as Bars, Bowling Alleys, Casinos, and Theaters. We also rent games for an extended period.


The newest of Arcades is located in the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino Shops. This is a themed arcade with a laser shooting gallery.


At Amusement World Arcades, you'll find the latest video games and redemption machines.


If you are driving in from California, stop in at our arcade at the Primm Outlet Mall located in the food court area. Try your luck at one of our kiosks in the mall to win an Ipad.


Bring the kids along and let them test their gaming skills or join them for some heart-pounding entertainment.


Amusement World has recently expanded in to Albuqerque New Mexico. We are the largest operator of Arcade Games in this market